10 Ideas of what to sell to earn 100$ a day

1. Sell Products as an Affiliate

Being a digital affiliate , you will work as a kind of seller of digital products, in your home, using only a computer connected to the internet or even your own cell phone.

As a digital affiliate, you can earn 100$ a day selling third-party products.

For example, if you sell only one product worth R$1000 and the commission is 10%, you already earn R$100 in one day.

However, it doesn’t have to be that amount, there are products that have a lower price and a higher commission, which facilitates the sale.

Being a digital affiliate, the amount of money you will earn will depend directly on your dedication and the digital marketing strategies you apply to sell.

The platform you choose to affiliate with does not matter, as your sales results will depend exclusively on you.

Study digital marketing, get to know your target audience, define the strategies that will be applied and get your hands dirty to start earning 100$ a day (or much more).

2. Be A Freelancer

Start earning 100$ a day as a freelancer .

Many companies and entrepreneurs seek freelancing services on specialized platforms, as this is the easiest and most economical way to get specialist services without having to create a bond with the professional.

This is an excellent idea for anyone who wants to earn 100$ or more per day.

If you are a designer, video editor, copywriter, translator, programmer, anyway… you can easily earn 100 a day providing services as a freelancer.

And the more services you manage to perform, the more money you can earn every day.

To earn 100$ a day as a freelancer you just need to have knowledge in one area and a computer connected to the internet.

3. Sell Services And Products On Instagram

Promote services and products on Instagram and earn 100$ a day or even more.

What was supposed to be just a photo sharing app has turned into a money making tool on the internet.

With updates and more and more features, Instagram allows its users to earn money in a variety of ways.

You can earn 100$ a day on Instagram, promoting products and services to your followers.

The more followers you get, the more visibility you will get for the products or services you are going to sell, also increasing the chances of getting partnerships with brands to make sponsored posts.

You can partner with a brand to post photos and videos on your profile with the caption they choose.

But this type of partnership will only be possible when you have a good number of followers, being seen as a reference in a certain niche .

An example would be someone who publishes photos and videos giving tips on physical exercises, diet, muscle mass gain, weight loss, etc., and makes a partnership with a supplement brand or with a gym, with a gym clothing brand, in short.

In this case, the person will earn money with a sponsored post, marked with a “#publici”, so that followers know that it is sponsored content.

4. Sell a Own Digital Product

Since the quarantine, with social distancing, digital products have become even more consumed.

This product format was already gaining space in the market, due to the ease of consumption and also of production and distribution.

There are currently two main ways to sell your own digital product:

4.1 Creating Your Product from Scratch

So, if you have an idea, if you have specific knowledge, if you master a subject, turn your knowledge into a digital product, which can be an e-book, a video course, an online course… and sell it on the internet.

4.2 Creating a PLR Product

Another way to sell your own product is with Digital Marketing PLR Products. This modality is that you buy e-books, online courses or any other type of content from outside, that is PLR (Private Label Rights).

PLR Products are copyright free, that is, when you buy them, you have the right to resell them.

Regardless of the product model you choose to create or license to sell, you need to apply the right strategies to sell.

In this way, it is totally possible to earn more than 100$ a day.

Even within the digital market, 100$ is considered a small amount. Because the possibility of earnings is really great.

You can create a website to promote your product, sell it on digital product sales platforms and also make it available for affiliation, increasing the chances of selling even more, offering a commission to sellers.

The higher the commission offered to affiliates, the more interested parties you will attract to sell your product.

Creating your own digital product you will need to invest more of your time only in the creation phase, then you will work on the promotion, to sell the product that you created only once countless times.

5. Curated WhatsApp Groups (Mentoring)

If you understand a lot about a subject, if people come to you to ask for a tip on a topic you master (it can be any), you can earn up to 100$ a day by creating curated WhatsApp groups .

Just create a WhatsApp group with up to 250 people and charge a fee for each member.

In this group you will give tips on the topic that you are an expert. It doesn’t matter what knowledge you have, if you search you will find interested people who are willing to pay for your tips and ideas.

And, which can be very cheap for a member, in the end you receive 500$, if your group has 250 members.

6. Create Content for Third Party Social Media

If you take this idea seriously, you will make much more than 100$ a day, as well as several other tips left here.

Create content for other people’s social media. Many professionals are excellent in their field, but have no idea how to produce content for social media, something that is essential these days.

You may also meet people interested in becoming famous on the internet and who don’t know how to create content for their social media.

In this tip, you can earn a lot of money producing content for other people’s social media and, if you see it as a serious business, have the competence, skill and willingness to seek out these people, you can earn much more than 100$ a day and you can make it your profession.

7. Work with Video Editing

If you are good at video editing, if you usually use social networks to share well-edited videos , know that you can earn 100$ or much more, editing videos for people who need to publish videos on social media, but do not know how to do it.

Even more so with online classes, in which many teachers have difficulty editing their videos to pass the classes or simply do not have time to do so, and resort to third parties.

So, this is the opportunity for you to earn 100$ editing videos for these professionals.

Search for opportunities on freelancing platforms such as Freelancer.com and Workana. There is no doubt that this is an activity in which there will be no lack of demand.

8. Youtube Partner Program

The YouTube affiliate program is another way to earn real money online .

To be approved and start making money with YouTube’s partnership program, you need to be over 18 years old, have at least 4,000 hours of videos viewed in the last 12 months, have at least 1,000 subscribers on the channel, have an account on Linked Google AdSense and following content guidelines for advertising.

A lot of people start a YouTube channel in an unpretentious way, publishing relevant content consistently and increasing the number of subscribers and soon manage to reach these brands, due to the consistency of the publications.

9. Use Google Adsense on Your Blog

To earn 100$ a day with Google Adsense , you need to create an account on Google’s ad platform and enter the code on the page where the ads will be displayed.

The more visitors your page has, the more chances you have to earn 100$ a day with the ads displayed on your blog.

You will receive a percentage for each click the ad has on your website (which is counted through the code you entered).

In order for the ad on your page to receive many clicks, you need to attract as many visitors as possible, and you can achieve this by delivering content that is relevant to your target audience.

The ads will be displayed in a segmented way, according to their content, that is, visitors will be attracted by their content and will be able to click on the ad, which will be related.

If you choose to be a digital affiliate (which is a smart decision), you can post your link in your Instagram bio.

Depending on how many followers you have on Instagram, the social network only allows you to share a clickable link in your bio and in other places where Instagram allows it, such as IGTV, for example.

To insert multiple links in your bio, you can create a Linktree (link tree) and add your affiliate link, a catalog product reseller link, for example, like Avon, Natura, Eudora, among others.

This is a good way to earn 100$ a day (or more) selling products through your sales links.

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