20 Website List That Pay in Dollars

1. ClickBank

The top 1 on the list of sites that pay in dollars is Clickbank, a global e-commerce platform where you can earn in dollars by promoting third-party products as an affiliate.

ClickBank helps entrepreneurs like you make money online in a simple and affordable way.

Anyone can create and advertise their products on the site, in a simple and secure way.

2. Workana

Workana is a site that pays professionals in dollars to provide some type of service as a freelancer.

The site works by connecting professionals to companies or entrepreneurs looking for the services that these professionals offer on the platform.

There you will find several opportunities to earn money by typing , translating, and even filling out forms, as well as content production services, video editing, design…among others.

3. Univox

Univox is another site that pays in dollars for the user to answer surveys.

By registering, you receive 200 points. By combining these points with the points received through surveys, you can exchange them for products on partner sites such as Amazon or, if you prefer, you receive the amount in cash.

There is a minimum amount of points that the user needs to collect to be able to exchange them for money or products.

4. Sprout Gigs

Sprout Gigs, formerly called Picoworkers, is a very popular freelance service platform, as, in addition to being a site that pays in dollars, you don’t need to have any kind of technical knowledge to perform the tasks.

The actions on this site are very simple and the more you qualify on the platform, the more opportunity you have to get the best paying jobs.

5. Freelancer.com

The Freelancer.com platform connects companies that need people to do jobs with professionals who offer their services.

On this site, you register and select the areas you master, so that the platform makes a filter and finds the most suitable jobs for you.

IT, marketing and design are the most requested areas, as well as the other freelancing platforms on the list.

On this site it is possible to discuss the details directly with the company that requested the job, which facilitates the execution.

In addition, Freelancer.com is a site that pays in dollars and other currencies, including the euro.

6. Market Agent

On this site, the user receives dollars for registering, updating their data, answering surveys and referring friends.

In general, the user receives at least 50 points for performing these tasks.

But, to answer the surveys, the Market Agent user receives up to 250 points, which can be exchanged for money.

7. Fiverr

This site pays in dollars for freelance professionals who register and fulfill the demands.

As its name already suggests, the user receives from 5 dollars per completed task, but this value can increase, according to the work performed.

Just like Workana and other freelancing sites, the more jobs you complete and the better you perform, the greater the chances of you getting more jobs, with higher pay.

8. Life Points

Life Points is a website that pays you in dollars to answer surveys sent by several companies, with the aim of getting to know the customer better and finding out how they can improve their service, products and services.

What sets Life Points apart is that even if you don’t receive surveys to complete, you do receive points to exchange.

On this platform, you can exchange the accumulated points for products on partner sites or exchange them for money, if you prefer.

9. Hunch

Palpito pays in dollars or euros for you to answer surveys.

With each completed survey, you accumulate small amounts that, from a certain amount, you can receive through PayPal or, if you prefer, you can exchange for a gift card.

10. Pinion

At OpiniOn you can earn money to give your opinion about brands, products and services.

In addition, the site also pays in dollars for the user to fill out forms about his life, his family, his residence…

All this so that companies – and even the government – ​​can identify the needs of the public that has a profile with the same characteristics as yours.

11. Toluna

Toluna is a survey site that pays you around 1,000 to 2,000 points to sign up.

In addition, by signing up to the platform, you can also participate in sweepstakes every month.

The site, which pays in dollars, offers different types of quick surveys and you can receive 15 points for each one.

12. Shutterstock

This is a very popular image bank worldwide and pays in dollars for you to upload images on the platform.

Each time someone downloads your image, you receive an amount, which is not disclosed, as the image will undergo an analysis before being made available for download and for the amount to be paid to be defined.

Make sure your image is of good quality, even if it’s taken from a smartphone.

13. Clickworker

This site is quite different from others so far. That’s because this time you can earn money by analyzing images to identify if they match the related text.

For this task, it is important to understand English and be very attentive in order to do the analysis correctly.

For each analyzed image, you get about 1 dollar. If you dedicate yourself, you can make good money on this platform.

14. Metro Opinion

Metro Opinion is another survey site, where you can earn around 16 reais for each survey you participate in.

When registering on the platform, you receive invitations by email to participate in surveys that match your profile, according to the answers you filled out when registering on the site.

15. Surveyready

Surveypronto is one of the sites that pay in dollars for the user to answer surveys.

You already receive a value in dollars when you complete your registration on the platform.

Payment is made through PayPal and you also receive discounts on purchases of products from partner platforms.

16. Surveytime

Unlike other platforms, Surveytime pays in dollars instantly through PayPal.

Just register, which can be using your Facebook, Twitter or Google account and you can start earning money by answering surveys on the site.

17. My Iyo

At My Iyo, you earn dollars for answering surveys. Money is received when you accumulate a certain amount of points on the platform.

With each survey answered, you receive from 600 points, reaching 1500 points.

The amount you will receive depends on the amount of surveys you participate in.

Payment is made via PayPal, from 20 euros.

18. QualiBest

QualiBest is a website – and also an app – that offers you points for answering surveys.

Payment is made in the form of prizes, vouchers for purchases at Lojas Americanas, Submarino, among other partners.

In addition, you can also receive points for referring your friends.

19. Free

Another site that pays the user to answer surveys is Livra.

On the platform, you participate in surveys and earn vouchers to buy products on partner sites and physical stores, in addition to credits for your cell phone.

20. YouTube

Over the years, YouTube has become one of the most dreamed platforms by those trying to practice the youtuber profession, which not so long ago did not even exist.

Many people make a living by posting videos on the platform and many others are already millionaires because of this activity.

YouTube pays in dollars for a certain number of views on each video.

In addition, you also earn money through advertisements from brands, who want to increase their reach, through the large number of views of the videos published on these channels.

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