Best Games To Earn Real Money

Are you looking for games to earn money?

The internet is full of advertisements for games that promise money to users.

In this article, you’ll find out if you can earn money playing games on your cell phone and what to do to join the people who make their living having fun.

Keep reading until the end and learn more!

1. Games to Earn Real Money in 2023

Selling Your Own Course About The Game You Play

If you’re a beast at a game, you can use your talent to teach other people how to play like you, pass levels, level up, complete a game…

Study the entire game manual, get to know and further develop your skills, analyze your competitors…

Keep improving the games you play and create a video course.

I’m sure other players will be interested.

Selling An E-book About The Game

Another way to earn money from games is by selling an e-book on the topic.

Just like your own course, you can also create an e-book, teaching everything you know about games.

In fact, one thing does not cancel the other. You can create a gaming ebook from your video course.

Streaming Games And Having A Youtube Channel

Many people are already making money by streaming game matches on streaming platforms such as Twitch and Amazon.

Thus, you earn money having fun, without having to leave your house.

In addition to streaming, you can also earn money from games by creating a YouTube channel , through the platform’s partnership program.

While playing, you comment on matches, which is an increasingly common activity that can generate good extra money for you.

To participate in the Youtube Partner Program (PPY), you need to meet certain criteria, such as:

  • Have a Youtube channel
  • PPY availability in your location
  • Follow platform monetization policies
  • More than 1000 subscribers on the channel
  • Comments throughout the match, that is, from the beginning to the end of the video.

Playing Professionally and Being Part of an E-Sports Team

Be part of an e-sports team, which are electronic game competitions transmitted in person, at events or online, through a streaming platform.

E-sports is a way to make money from games that is becoming quite popular, so much so that even the International Olympic Committee is considering including it in the next Olympic Games.

With an eye on this growth, many game players who use their cell phones to play are already thinking about competing professionally.

And, to contradict many people who said that games are a waste of time , many players earn real fortunes in prizes, participating in major championships , such as League Of Legend.

Playing professionally, you also have the possibility to earn money to test new games and even be sponsored by brands.

2. NFT Games

NFT games became even more popular after the pandemic, mainly due to unemployment, as an alternative source of income.

Among the most popular games are:

  • Binance NFT Collections
  • Gods Unchanied
  • Axie Infinite
  • Alien Words
  • Sorare
  • splinterlands

You can earn money with NFT games by getting rare items, to sell them later, when they value.

NFTs can be:

  • Weapons
  • Clothes
  • Equipments…

To attract more users, developers invest in games with items to collect, while players earn money by selling rare game items.

With NFTs, the more you play, the more money you can earn. And the more you level up in the game, the more rare items you’ll have to sell.

3. Free Games To Make Money

Cash Pirate

Pirates coins is the currency of this game. You receive pirate coins when you perform paid activities on the platform, such as:

  • Use the affiliate program to invite your friends
  • Play
  • download apps
  • Watch and download videos

With Cash Pirate’s affiliate program, you earn 10% of the amount your referred friend earns and 5% for each referral they make.

fun tap

Fun Tap is a multi-game platform where you earn money for downloading and playing recommended games.

The more games you download and play, the more chances you have to earn money on the platform.

big time

As a Big Time app, you play and receive tickets to participate in sweepstakes, which have part of the advertising money as a prize.

In this app, you can redeem your money through Paypal.

app karma

To earn money with the Karma App, simply perform the following activities:

  • Confirm email and complete profile
  • Play
  • Check in daily
  • answer surveys
  • New registered users from your code.

make money

At Make money, you earn coins and redeem them on Paypal or in the form of gift certificates on Amazon, Google Play and other platforms.

To earn money from this game, you need to do some activities:

  • Register
  • Check in daily
  • Leave your opinion about products and services
  • Test games and apps


Quizdom is a game of questions and answers, in which you earn coins from the platform and exchange them for Gifs Cards.

In this app, you can play alone or challenge your friends.


With this app, you receive tickets as a reward to participate in drawings every week.

To win tickets, you need to complete some challenges, such as:

  • Invite friends
  • Level up in games
  • complete the missions

Feature Points

In this app, you earn money by scratchcards, shopping, answering questions and sharing with your friends.

In addition to earning points by referring friends, you also earn points by interacting with them.

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