How to recover abandoned carts?

Does your company know how the recovery of abandoned carts works ? This is a very important issue for the growth of a corporation, especially if its main focus is on e-commerce . In this way, there is the importance of knowing how to make this recovery in a simple way. There are many strategies … Read more

5 Infallible After Sales Techniques

Closing a sale is amazing, isn’t it? But do you care about after-sales as much as the purchase process? In fact, what happens after the sale is much more important than that moment when the customer swipes the card. After reading this article, you will see post-sales with different eyes and you will never ignore … Read more

What are sales techniques?

Sales techniques are methods that salespeople apply to create a connection between the product or service and the customer’s need. Sales techniques help in approaching sellers, so that the service is personalized and efficient. These techniques are applied according to the skills of the seller and the characteristics of the customer. For you to identify … Read more