Customer Day: marketing actions for e-commerces in 2023

Check out some marketing actions to take advantage of Customer Day opportunities with your e-commerce in 2023. Find out more!

Among the numerous commercial dates that are created to leverage sales in commerce , especially e-commerce, it is worth highlighting Customer Day as an excellent opportunity for virtual business.

After all, since its origin, the date has had a purely commercial objective and focused on providing advantages and new experiences to the consumer through attractive products, services and solutions.

Therefore, if you want to know more about Customer Day, when it will be celebrated in 2023 and what marketing actions you can invest in your e-commerce to take advantage of sales opportunities, just stay until the end of the text, as we separate good tips on the topic.

Shall we check?

After all, what is Customer Day and when did it come about?

Customer Day is a commercial date that was stipulated on September 15, when its creator, businessman Joao Carlos Rego, had the idea of ​​creating an exclusive day to honor consumers .

However, as the focus of business is sales, more than tributes, companies and stores really focus on promotions , sweepstakes, experiences and exclusive advantages of their brands to attract more customers and convert more sales to their brands.

What are the best marketing actions for Customer Day?

As with any other commercial date, Customer Day provides a series of opportunities to be worked on by e-commerces and opens a huge door to apply the best marketing actions .

And if you’re looking for some inspiration for your business, we’ve brought you some ideas below. Check out!

Free shipping

It may seem old-fashioned, but offering free shipping is always a great marketing strategy and one that can easily be worked on on Customer Day.

To give you an idea, the Consumer Propensity Study survey points out that 74% of consumers choose to buy from companies that offer some kind of special discount or free shipping for their deliveries.

consumer experience

Another interesting idea to be worked on on Customer Day is to look for solutions that influence the final experience of a purchase, much more than discounts or promotions.

And in practice, this can be done in countless ways, as well as personalized service for this day or exclusive differentials for more loyal customers, for example.

delivery of gifts

Who doesn’t like that special treat when buying a product? In fact, the delivery of gifts has nothing to do with the value of the material delivered, but with what it can represent in the relationship between the brand and the consumer.

Therefore, taking advantage of Customer Day to reinforce this approach through simple reminders can be an excellent strategy for your e-commerce .

letters and messages

It is increasingly common that some deliveries are directed with small messages to the consumer and this simple gesture also makes a lot of difference in the commercial relationship .

In addition, we are talking about a very low-cost marketing action with great value in the shopping experience.

For example, sending a simple handwritten and personalized letter to the buyer, thanking them for their purchase or celebrating Customer Day, can significantly impact this relationship.


Another perfect marketing action for Customer Day in 2023 is betting on sweepstakes, which also open up countless possibilities for action.

For example, you can create a raffle for a free product or service and, in addition to publicizing the content, you can also add other advantages to the business, such as attracting more followers to social networks , increasing post engagement, boosting sales, etc.

discount coupons

Offering exclusive discounts for Customer Day is an indisputable strategy that should be well invested.

However, instead of simply offering these advantages at the end of the shopping cart, how about creating specific coupons and generating a perception of exclusivity to the customer? In addition, these actions can be worked together with others, such as landing pages, forms and surveys , which will later be able to provide valuable data about your customers.

In summary, these are some essential tips about Customer Day and what are the best marketing strategies and actions to work on this date, especially for e-commerces in 2023.

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