Google develops guide to boost online and seasonal sales

Discover the guide to boost online sales and on special dates that Google has just announced to support e-commerce.

Anyone who has an online business knows the importance of seasonal dates to boost sales. And, apparently, Google also recognizes this and recently developed its own guide to help these e-commerce businesses earn more on these occasions.

In practice, it is a small booklet of best practices for virtual businesses , with tips, products, the best dates and, of course, some tools to analyze consumer behavior.

The main objective of this campaign is to allow companies of all sizes to better develop their sales and marketing strategies , leveraging opportunities especially during seasonal dates .

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After all, what is Google’s e-commerce guide?

As we summarized well, Google has developed a kind of booklet for e-commerces, aimed precisely at gathering practical tips and advice on how to boost sales, with special emphasis on commercial and commemorative dates .

In this way, the platform aims to help virtual stores of all sizes and areas of activity to better build their commercial strategies, to develop more effective actions, to create new relationships with the consumer and to improve their internal management.

Google’s e-commerce guide is organized into 6 chapters, which deal with changes in customer behavior in recent years, to action tips and tools to sell more and better.

Access to this booklet is via Think With Google , a platform that encompasses a series of tips and information for online businesses, as well as allowing entrepreneurs to carry out analyses, insights and follow up-to-date trends through content created by specialists.

What is the theme of the 6 chapters of Google’s e-commerce guide?

Google’s e-commerce guide division has exactly 6 chapters, which in turn address different topics and factors considered essential by the platform.

1. Consumers use Google every day to browse, search and shop

In this chapter, Google reinforces the importance of its search engine and guides e-commerce to take advantage of this opportunity to promote its products and services, according to the desires and needs of its public.

2. Build your brand and acquire new customers

Here, Google touches on the importance of building a relevant brand and how to promote it everywhere leads may be browsing at that moment .

In addition, the platform provides essential tips on how to create brand awareness and differentiate yourself from the competition.

3. Increase online and in-app sales

Buying online is already a reality in all spheres of society and, therefore, the third chapter of Google’s e-commerce guide precisely addresses the opportunity to sell through websites and applications .

Other than that, the platform shows you how to create better experiences and how to reach leads across the digital environment .

4. Drive visits and sales in physical stores

The idea of ​​this chapter of the guide is to add knowledge to entrepreneurs about how every establishment is capable of generating integrated and optimized online experiences.

For this, the tips address, for example, strategies to stand out on Google and boost better opportunities and visits to your store.

5. Use insights to define your strategy and improve performance

Using data is another essential strategy to boost sales in an e-commerce . And this is exactly the approach of the fifth chapter of Google’s guide, which guides its users on how to better manage and use the insights and data collected in negotiations to improve the next decisions.

Thus, Google also suggests some essential tools and proprietary solutions that stores can take advantage of and improve their performance with more technology and process automation.

6. Prepare your company for the seasonal purchase dates of the last half of the year

As we highlighted above, Google’s e-commerce guide has an exclusive focus on boosting sales during seasonal dates , considered essential for online stores.

Here, Google also reinforces some changes in consumer behavior, which, according to the platform, have been planning their purchases in advance and that it is essential that the establishment is ready to offer the best deals even before the arrival of the date .

In summary, these are just a few tips covered in Google’s new e-commerce guide and how the platform is concerned with providing greater support to virtual stores, opening up more sales and business opportunities through its exclusive solutions and tools.

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