How to Attract Affiliates to Your Digital Product

Do you have a product and want to know how to attract affiliates to boost your sales?

Then you’ve come to the right place!

In this article, you will know exactly what to do to attract qualified affiliates , to promote your digital product and boost your sales.

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What is an affiliate?

An affiliate is someone who sells a product created by someone else in exchange for a commission.

Generally, an affiliate already has an internet audience.

  • Social networks
  • Youtube channel
  • Blog…

Or it’s someone who doesn’t have an audience, but uses ads to sell a product created by someone else.

As a producer , you need to partner with affiliates who are in the same niche market as you are, so that the same target audience is reached.

Why Attract Affiliates?

The digital affiliate market is very competitive, so it is important to offer a differential and use strategies to increase the reach and, consequently, sales of the digital product.

Attracting affiliates to promote your product will directly impact your sales , as affiliates expand communication channels with your target audience.

By partnering with an authority affiliate and a referee affiliate, you can impact the results of your business.

The affiliate receives a commission for every sale they make through their unique link, which is automatically generated by the platform where you host your product, at the time of affiliation.

What are the benefits of attracting affiliates?

There are several advantages of relying on affiliate partnerships to sell your product.

Attract affiliates from the same niche market as yours and who already have digital authority, as these factors will boost your results.

The main advantages of attracting affiliates to your digital product are:

  • Expansion of reach, through dissemination channels;
  • Brand recognition;
  • Authority in the market;
  • Positive impact on sales.

How to attract affiliates?

Learn how to attract the right affiliates to promote your business on the internet.

By making good partnerships with affiliates, you can generate more authority in the market and gain the trust of the target audience, make more sales and gain customer loyalty.

If you have a digital product and want to partner with affiliates, you need to decide whether the affiliation will be open or if prior approval is required.

This is important to know if the affiliates’ disclosure strategy is aligned with the values ​​and identity of your business.

For example, anyone who is affiliated with my Formula Business Online training , as well as with other products here at the company , needs to work seriously, teach strategies that really work and advertise correctly and honestly, as this will be in line with the values ​​of my brand.

To attract qualified affiliates, who will help you with the growth of your internet business, you can follow these tips:

Create a quality product

The first thing you need to attract qualified affiliates is to offer a good product.

For people to want to affiliate with your product, it needs to meet a demand from the target audience, be well structured, easy to use or access, among other important aspects.

Offer an attractive commission

Another way to attract affiliates is to offer fair conditions and simplified payment.

The higher the commission offered for each sale of your product and the simpler the payment method, the more affiliates you will attract.

Depending on the product’s average ticket , you can offer commissions of up to 50% of the total amount.

A high commission motivates the affiliate to promote your product.

Choose a good platform

Choosing the platform on which you will host your product is also a determining factor in attracting affiliates.

There are several affiliation platforms.

Research the platforms well, to choose the one that offers what you need and that gives full support to the affiliate.

A good platform offers:

  • Support material for the affiliate to promote the product;
  • Support for producers and affiliates;
  • Makes all financial transactions securely;
  • It offers a training program for affiliates and producers.

Provide promotional materials

Provide exclusive materials for affiliates to advertise your product.

This is a way to support the affiliate so that he can create offers that really sell.

Some examples of promotional materials you can offer your affiliates are:

  • Editable banners;
  • Images;
  • Videos;
  • Manual…

Create a detailed product description

So that the affiliate has confidence and feels safe to promote your product, create a complete description on the platform where you host your digital product.

Describe your product in detail, so that the affiliate knows what he is selling and can promote it efficiently.

  • Say what the product is;
  • What niche market does it serve?
  • For whom the product was created;
  • What is its differential in the market;
  • What are the benefits that the product offers;
  • What transformation does it promise;
  • Describe the solution to possible objections.

Create a landing page that sells

Creating a conversion-focused landing page is also an essential factor in attracting affiliates to your product.

Whoever is my student in the Formula Business Online training knows that I always say to analyze the product’s sales page well before joining, as it directly impacts sales.

Here on the blog we have a complete guide for you to create a landing page that generates real results.

Participate in forums and events

Join forums and events to connect with other producers and affiliates.

This is an excellent way to network.

Affiliates will be directly linked to your brand image, so they need to be aligned with your values ​​and participating in forums and events helps you to identify this issue.

In addition, at these events, which can be online or in person, many ideas and good partnerships arise.

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