What are sales techniques?

Sales techniques are methods that salespeople apply to create a connection between the product or service and the customer’s need.

Sales techniques help in approaching sellers, so that the service is personalized and efficient.

These techniques are applied according to the skills of the seller and the characteristics of the customer.

For you to identify which are the best sales techniques for your business, it is essential to do tests, until you find out what works best for your potential client.

You can use different sales techniques, according to each stage of the funnel, so that your strategy is efficient.

With the use of these techniques, the future customer advances through the stages of the sales funnel, from the first contact to the completion of the purchase.

The 12 Best Sales Techniques

Knowing what sales techniques are, get to know the 12 best ones for you to connect with your audience and sell a lot.

1. Know the product

Before selling a product, it is essential to know well what you are going to offer and to be sure that it really fulfills what it promises.

When you know what you are offering, you convey security and reliability to the potential customer , who is convinced to buy, with less resistance.

When you know the product in depth, you can speak with authority, you can overcome any objections and clear up any doubts that the potential customer has.

2. Sell the solution

Don’t sell a product, sell the solution the customer needs.

Instead of offering the features of your product, offer the benefits it provides to those who buy.

Thus, the customer is attracted by the offer and decides to buy the product, even before knowing the price.

By offering the solution, you connect your product to the customer’s need.

And it is this certainty of having the problem solved that convinces the public to buy.

3. Know how to listen to the customer

When you exercise active listening, you can better connect with the customer.

This happens because, when we really listen to what someone has to say, we exercise empathy and this generates a connection between the speaker and the listener.

In sales, this connection also happens when you try to find out what your potential client’s needs and desires are, seeking to serve them in the best way.

Both online and in person, try to listen to your potential client without interrupting him, without arguing, without giving your opinion and listen to what he really needs.

4. Offer personalized service

After listening to your customer’s needs and collecting valuable information about them, use this to your advantage, offering personalized service, creating a deep connection with them, naturally, which brings you closer to the sale.

Serve the customer according to what he wants and needs, using the appropriate arguments, breaking the objections that arise.

5. Use storytelling

Another efficient way to build customer connection is by telling stories.

Enchant your audience through the use of the storytelling technique and present your product or service, leading the potential customer through the purchase journey.

By telling stories, you connect with the audience, emotionally, converting much more.

6. Speak only the truth

Amid so many charlatans on the internet, promising worlds and funds, without worrying about the customer, be honest and stand out from the competition.

Never lie or exaggerate about the product or service you sell. By the way, promote a product that you know, which is of quality and that fulfills what it promises.

Keep your focus on the customer experience and you are already halfway to success with your online business.

When you are honest and offer something of quality that really delivers what you promise, the customer tends to come back and become loyal and promote your brand.

7. Use mental triggers

Mental triggers are sales techniques that cannot be left out of your strategy.

These triggers are emotional shots, which make the person act in a certain way.

In the case of sales, mental triggers make the potential customer make a purchase or take some action you expect.

Here on the blog you will find complete content about mental triggers , to delve deeper into this subject.

Some mental triggers that you can use in your sales strategy are:

  • Scarcity
  • Curiosity
  • Commitment
  • Urgency…

8. Invest in Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing combines marketing and sales techniques to attract, nurture and convert customers and needs to be part of the strategy of any company that wants to succeed in the market.

In addition, with automation tools and targeted strategies, you can segment the audience correctly, directing qualified leads to checkout.

9. Impress the customer

To impress is to offer the customer a remarkable experience, which makes your name or brand stay in the customer’s mind, so that he remembers your product at the time of purchase.

When a brand positively impacts the public, it manages to sell, even if its product or service is not the cheapest on the market.

Surprising the customer with irresistible offers, special bonuses and other benefits is part of the sales technique that impresses the customer with an unforgettable experience.

10. Trust what you do

This technique is very similar to the first one on the list. In addition to knowing your product, trust what you do.

Only that way, you can succeed with a business, after all, the customer notices when someone is trying to push a product or service that they don’t believe in and that doesn’t deliver what they promise.

Especially if you decide to be an authority affiliate, you need to show that you are a reliable person, who only offers what you believe in, to win loyal customers and boost your brand.

11. Attention to marketing

Have you ever heard that advertising is the soul of business?

Yeah, you can offer the most excellent product on the market, but if you don’t pay attention to marketing strategies, you won’t be able to sell.

The public needs to know what benefits your product offers and, to know that, you need to apply marketing actions.

The results of your sales are directly linked to the marketing of your digital business.

Content marketing techniques are excellent for attracting and converting customers through social media, blogging, email marketing and other online and offline marketing strategies.

With assertive communication, you can attract new customers and work after-sales.

In addition, with management tools, you can monitor metrics and adjust as necessary.

12. Offer a FAQ

Offer answers to frequently asked questions and take the opportunity to break down your customers’ possible objections, clarify doubts, such as payment methods and return policy, for example.

  • Give clear and objective answers;
  • Include images, to facilitate;
  • Provide links to related subjects;
  • Make room for suggestions;
  • Keep your FAQ up to date.

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