How to recover abandoned carts?

Does your company know how the recovery of abandoned carts works ? This is a very important issue for the growth of a corporation, especially if its main focus is on e-commerce . In this way, there is the importance of knowing how to make this recovery in a simple way.

There are many strategies that can be used to solve the problem and not all of them need a large investment. In general, with some changes in the approach to the purchase process, it becomes possible to offer a unique and acceptable experience to the consumer.

Give more confidence to the payment

No one wants to make a purchase over the internet without having security for it. Buying from sites that are not credible or simply do not offer some kind of protection can end up turning away many customers. Therefore, in order to discover how to recover abandoned carts , it will be necessary to change this view.

Anyone and everyone who uses the internet is afraid that their data will be stolen or leaked. So, so that this does not become something frequent, the ideal is to invest in security tools for websites and also improve the number of layers of protection on the web page .

A simple ” This site is safe ” in the browser bar can be enough for more people to acquire confidence to buy on your site. Making the purchase screen more comfortable on smartphones could also be an excellent idea to make the process easier and widely accepted by buyers.

Submit multiple payment methods

We live in the 21st century, where people are in a hurry and want to make their purchases from anywhere and with any means of payment. So, to find out how to recover abandoned carts , the ideal is to start investing in a variety of ways to make a purchase, whether by credit card , debit card or bank slip.

With the emergence of Pix, which further satisfied the immediate desire of consumers, it is important that this option is expressed on the shopping site so that the consumer feels freer to choose between several options and decide which one will be the most viable for making the purchase. buy right away.

Another important point is that a large amount of cards and companies responsible for it be added to the purchase site. This will give customers the impression of autonomy on the site and, consequently, they will be able to buy at any time and by any method.

Reduce the number of processes at the time of purchase

There is nothing more uncomfortable for a consumer than accessing a website, wanting to buy an item or contracting a service and, when paying, having to deal with a dozen tabs that are preventing the completion of this process. The chances of the cart being abandoned for this reason are very high.

Therefore, to learn how to recover abandoned carts , it is important to reduce the number of processes to make a purchase. Forget lengthy questionnaires and a wide variety of boxes that can be ticked throughout the purchase.

Have an email marketing

Having an email marketing makes a lot of difference for customers to remember your store and what you offer in it. It is thanks to this type of investment that it becomes possible to make the consumer return to their abandoned cart and want to finish what was pending.

Furthermore, the email marketing strategy is not just for learning how to recover abandoned carts , it is also aimed at retaining leads and strengthening your business. Therefore, making this investment is very worthwhile.

Bring protection to customers

Bringing multiple ways to protect your customer is also an excellent idea to reduce the incidence of abandoned carts. All secure websites and applications end up attracting the attention of loyal consumers, but also those who have not yet chosen a store to establish loyalty.

A protected customer is a happy customer who is very likely to shop at that store again. Investing in good reviews is also an excellent option. Wherever possible, highlight reviews that talk about the site’s security and how satisfied other consumers have been with their shopping experience.

Start Investing in Remarketing

Remarketing is a strategy that uses cookies to show potential consumers specific advertisements as they browse the internet. In this way, it becomes much easier to allow customers to return to your site, as the visit is saved in your history.

So, to know how to recover abandoned carts , the ideal is to invest in remarketing to reinforce the idea of ​​purchase in the consumer’s mind. This will serve as a reminder to buy. Social networks also use this technique, which means greater sales opportunities and greater audience retention.

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