Black Friday Tips: How to Prepare Your Website for the Sales Peak

One of the most important moments for world retail is approaching and we’ve separated 08 tips for you to rock this Black Friday and not miss any sales because your website couldn’t take the hit.

One of the most common problems during Black Friday is website congestion. Since many consumers wait all year for the long-awaited promotions. Therefore, it is very important that you worry about the health of your website, before the long-awaited date.

That’s because, once Black Friday has rolled around, you won’t be able to do much. And your billing will end up being harmed because you didn’t take precautions.

1. Take care of your website security

One of the most important things within an e-commerce is website security. The consumer needs to feel safe to make a purchase. Therefore, you need to activate the SSL Security Certificate.

This certificate is what keeps your site free from malicious attacks by haters and hackers . And it makes it difficult to hack your users’ data.

In addition, Google has severely punished sites and blogs that do not have an SSL Certificate because their page is categorized as “not secure”.

2. Provide personalized support and service

Black Friday’s big goal is to increase sales significantly. And dispose of stagnant stock. But do you really care?

If you have to hire more people to work with you during this time. A person/team specialized in technical support or service will make all the difference in your billing.

On average, 70% of consumers abandon carts at the time of purchase. And one of the main factors responsible for this very high number of dropouts is problems with the site’s usability. Having technical support and personalized service can help drastically reduce this cart abandonment rate .

3. Make sure your site can handle the “jolt”

Have you analyzed your website’s monthly traffic? I imagine that your hosting plan meets his needs and spontaneous growth. However, during Black Friday it is possible that your website will receive unusual spikes in hits.

And if your hosting plan doesn’t support these peaks of access, your website will be down. It will be very difficult to solve it quickly, since the demand for technical support at this time also grows and they stipulate a minimum term to serve all customers.

4. Black Friday Tips – Mobile First

In the last 6 months, almost 80% of consumers admitted to making purchases using their cell phone. A number too expressive to be ignored.

For this reason, you need to invest in a responsive website that facilitates access and purchases through smartphones. Especially in the checkout area.

5. Make your site faster

Those who don’t have the patience to wait for a website to load for years on end raise your hand!

When it comes to e-commerce, every second of loading makes a difference and can cause you to lose a lot of sales if your website is slow.

To test your website speed for free you can access PageSpeed ​​Insights or Varnish Cache .

6. Update shipping deadlines

Shipping deadlines for products is a very important topic that deserves your full attention – even more so if your site has a lot of product registrations and updating shipping deadlines has to be done manually.

Because with the high retail demand at the end of the year, the deadlines of the post offices themselves have already increased significantly. So you need to be careful to stipulate a fair deadline – between payment compensation, production, packaging and shipping of the product. In order not to generate a negative customer experience.

7. Black Friday Tips – Check your stock

Another item you need to review is your inventory. Nothing can leave your company without running out of stock so you don’t run the risk of selling a product you don’t have.

Days before Black Friday, do a joint effort at the company and review all the “physical” products, that is, those in your physical stock. And the products registered in the system. Check if the available numbers match.

8. Capture contact data

Black Friday is a great opportunity to capture new leads. Even more so with Christmas approaching, it will be essential to have contact information for your customers. For sending new promotions, launches and campaigns.

Do not forget to request your client’s authorization to send such communications – either by email, telephone, SMS, whatsapp, etc…

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