How to Sell as an Affiliate: 6 Steps You Need to Take to Sell Any Product on the Internet

Most consumers research the product on the internet and seek the opinion of people they trust, before deciding to purchase.

Therefore, if you want to create a position on the internet, it is important to create an audience and deliver value to the audience you want to reach, before starting to offer a product or service.

However, for many affiliates, the first sale may take a long time, which is discouraging and makes some not believe in this market and others even give up along the way.

Those who are starting to promote products or services, as an affiliate, have not yet built an audience and, therefore, it is more difficult to make the first sale.

For this, it is important to understand that there is a learning curve, knowledge and audience building until making the first sales.

However, if you have the conditions and want to work without showing up, it is possible to invest in paid traffic instead of building an audience.

The crucial point now is to determine if you want to build an audience or if you want to invest in paid media to determine how to sell as an affiliate going forward.

Regardless of your choice, all the steps that will be covered are for you.

1. Choose a niche

To start selling as an affiliate, you need to choose a lucrative market niche , which is a portion of a segment or audience, with particular characteristics and where there is a demand that you can meet, through content and a product or service.

Choose a niche in which you dominate, have experience or training, because that way you will be able to deliver valuable content to your target audience more easily.

In addition, acting in a niche market that you dominate, it will be much easier to be seen as an authority, increasing the chances of being able to sell as an affiliate.

Working with something you like and know how to do easily is much more pleasurable and sales start to flow naturally.

If you like animals, for example, it will be much easier to offer content and promote a product related to the theme, such as an e-book that teaches you how to train your dog or a course on how to set up a pet shop, for example.

2. Know your target audience

The main function of an affiliate is to make a connection between the product and the customer, therefore, it is essential that the affiliate knows well who the target audience is , what their pains and desires, interests and needs are and, with that, achieve have good communication with him.

In addition, by knowing your target audience well, you can offer the ideal solution at the right time, making the sales process easier.

3. Choose the product to affiliate

Choosing the product to affiliate with is one of the most important steps in your journey as an affiliate.

Choose a product related to the niche market that you have chosen and that you dominate.

In addition, choosing the product of the niche that you already work with, it will be much easier to start selling as an affiliate.

This is because the public that is interested in the content you offer is the same that will be interested in the product or service you are going to promote.

To choose the right product to affiliate you can follow some tips. Check out.

3.1 Sales page

An essential factor in choosing a good product to affiliate with is the sales page.

Analyze the product sales page before becoming an affiliate, analyze all the information contained therein.

Choose a product that has a low ticket and offers a guarantee of at least 7 days, in case the customer gives up on the purchase.

A product with a low ticket and a good promise will be easier to sell, as there is not much to think about.

This situation is very different from an expensive product, where people are suspicious and analyze for a long time before making the purchase decision, mainly because they still don’t know you.

Make sure the sales page has a visible and eye-catching CTA button and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Remember that the sales page greatly interferes with the potential customer’s purchase decision.

And, using mental triggers , such as social proof for example, will influence this decision.

3.2 Support

Having support undoubtedly increases sales considerably.

Sometimes, the customer has some difficulty or problem at the time of purchase and, therefore, offering support will facilitate this process and avoid withdrawals, for example.

Support is also very important when the customer contacts you to ask for a refund or make a complaint.

3.3 Promotional material

Another important factor when choosing a product to promote as an affiliate is the material that the producer makes available for dissemination.

If the product you are choosing has banners, videos, capture page models and other types of material, it will facilitate dissemination on your social networks, on your blog, in ads and wherever else you want to advertise.

After evaluating these factors, make a list of up to 5 products that you liked the most, within your niche, to choose the most suitable one for you to promote as an affiliate.

Some products have open affiliation, while others, you need to request and wait for approval, as they have some requirements for you to become an affiliate.

4. Invest in paid traffic

After choosing the product to affiliate with, the next step is to think about traffic.

Invest in paid traffic to make your first sale.

This is the fastest way to increase your reach and be able to sell as an affiliate.

You can invest in ads on social media and Google. However, the two main ad platforms are Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

4.1 Google Ads

With Google Ads, your ad will appear on Google’s search results.

When a user does a search on Google, the platform displays some ads before the organic results, that is, it displays free content, which are usually blog articles.

To achieve the top positions in Google search results, organically, takes some time, as it will depend on the strategies applied, the quality of the content and the relevance of the site, according to Google’s algorithm.

It will mainly depend on a large audience.

That’s why, to see your ads in the top positions, you also need to use some strategies, such as using a keyword related to your product or service and other related terms.

In Google Ads, you only pay for clicks on your ad.

Briefly, Google Ads works as a kind of auction, where the advertiser pays per keyword inserted in the ad.

That way, you only pay when the user clicks on your ad.

And, for your ad to be well positioned, you need to invest money and create a good sales page, in addition to a quality ad, of course.

To enter the ideal keyword, you need to identify which term your target audience is already searching for on Google.

To discover the keyword you must use tools like, Google Keywords, which is free and SemRush, which is a paid tool.

4.2 Facebook Ads

Facebook displays ads in two ways: in the sidebar and in the News Feed.

To create ads through Facebook Ads, you must access the ad manager on the platform.

Facebook divides its ads into three forms:

  1. Campaign
  2. ad set
  3. Adverts

Campaign is the purpose of your ad. That is, the campaign is what you hope the ad can achieve.

This is where you define whether you want to design the ad to generate sales, generate engagement, increase brand awareness, drive traffic to the sales page, etc.

Ad set is where you will define the audience you want to reach with your ad, through specific characteristics, such as gender, location, occupation, interests, as well as budget, schedule, placement and bid.

Ad is the media you are going to serve, which can be an image, a video, a carousel, etc.

5. Work with organic traffic

Another way to generate traffic to your sales page is through organic traffic. That is, by delivering valuable content to your target audience, free of charge.

The main and most efficient ways to generate organic traffic is through social networks, a blog or a YouTube channel.

5.1 Blog

For those who already have a blog with a good number of visitors, you can publish the banners provided by the producer on the affiliation platforms.

A blog is an excellent place for you to attract your target audience by delivering quality relevant content.

With a blog you can generate authority, gain the trust of your audience and convert visitors into customers, without having to invest money.

Publish relevant content, consistently and optimized with SEO strategies, so that Google’s algorithm recognizes your content as relevant and displays your blog in the top positions.

5.2 YouTube/Instagram channel

Before indicating a product or service to your audience, understand what their needs are, so that communication is efficient.

Control the anxiety of making that first sale as an affiliate and stay focused on building authority, delivering value to your audience, and creating a trusting relationship with them.

From then on, your target audience will trust your indication, increasing the chances of you selling your product as an affiliate.

Be creative and indicate the product you are selling as an affiliate indirectly, through a review, a testimonial or something like that.

6. Bet on Copy

Use copy writing strategies to create content that converts.

It is through copy techniques that you can create persuasive content that convinces and leads the reader to a certain action.

Bet on copy to convince the visitor to download material or buy the product you promote.

6.1 How to create irresistible copy?

To create irresistible copy, you need to identify your target audience’s pain and offer them a solution.

You also need to trigger your prospect’s emotions through the use of mind triggers such as scarcity, reciprocity, and social proof.

Irresistible copy also has the characteristic of leading the reader to the solution you have to offer,

However, you must offer your product at the right time, so as not to lose the sale.

Talk about your product only when offering a solution to the potential customer’s problem.

Finally, your copy needs to clearly state what your potential customer needs to do, what action they should take to buy your product.

Be as objective as possible in your copy and it will be effective.

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