How to Disclose Affiliate Link?

Even being prepared, having done my Formula Business Online training , and knowing all the strategies to earn money on the internet, many affiliates simply cannot sell.

This happens because they don’t know how to spread the affiliate link correctly.

So See now 10 ways to promote affiliate links and start earning extra income or make this your main source of income, which is already the reality for many people.

1. Youtube Video Description

A great way to spread affiliate links is by creating videos on a YouTube channel and leaving the link in the description.

By publishing relevant content for your target audience, you will attract the right people to your channel.

With this, you deliver the content that the public wants and leave the link to the product or service that you promote as an affiliate in the description.

2. Instagram Biography`

Instagram is an excellent channel for promoting your affiliate link.

Because, even if the social network only allows you to insert a clickable link in the bio, this is a place for you to maintain a relationship with your target audience.

This relationship happens through the publication of relevant content, related to the product or service that you promote as an affiliate.

Disclosing an affiliate link in the Instagram bio increases the possibility of converting followers into customers.

3. Banner Inside The Blog

One more way to promote an affiliate link is through a banner within the blog.

With a blog, you’ll build an ever-growing audience, becoming an authority in your niche.

Insert banners within the blog, so that visitors can buy the product or services that you promote as an affiliate.

For this strategy to work, it’s essential that you publish content consistently.

4. Through Buttons And Texts Within The Blog

In addition to the banner, you can also insert texts and buttons within the blog, to publicize your affiliate link.

Publish articles that are relevant to your audience.

Your content must be related to the product or service you want to sell.

A tip here is to create content in a tutorial or review format, so that the public gets to know better the product you are affiliated with, such as a tool you use on your blog, for example.

Insert your link throughout the article and in CTA buttons.

5. Ads On Google Ads And Facebook Ads

In addition to the organic ways of promoting your affiliate link, you also have the option of investing in ads on Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

For those who are just starting out as an affiliate, the ideal is to promote the link organically, that is, delivering valuable content to attract potential customers, without investing money.

However, if you want to get faster results, you can also use ads .

The ideal is to start with a low investment, until you identify the best strategy and ideal format to create your campaigns.

6. tiktok

TikTok is a worldwide phenomenon, which makes this social network another excellent channel to promote your affiliate link.

Create a TikTok profile and start posting short videos that are interesting to the audience you want to reach.

The content format, through short videos, makes many people spend hours scrolling through the publications.

As with other social networks, on TikTok it is also possible to create an audience and convert customers.

7. Capture Page

The capture page is one of the best strategies to promote affiliate links.

Through a capture page, you can create an email list with only people who have shown interest in what you have to offer.

In order for the target audience to leave the email for contact, you need to deliver valuable material to them, free of charge, that is, a digital bait.

8. Mini Site

A mini site is also another efficient way to spread the affiliate link or any other platform you signed up for.

With a mini site you don’t need to consistently publish content like a blog.

The mini site is a page on the Internet where you will publish a review about the product or service you are affiliated with, to publicize the link.

You don’t need a lot of investment or effort to build a mini website.

In addition, the mini site has a structure larger than that of a sales page and smaller than a regular site.

9. Digital Bait

The digital bait is rich material that you will deliver, free of charge, to your target audience, through a capture form, in exchange for some personal information, such as your contact email.

When someone fills out an email form, in exchange for free, relevant material, they are allowing you to contact them directly.

It is from that moment that you will apply the email marketing strategies, which is what you will see below.

10. Email Marketing

When someone leaves their email in exchange for free material, they are giving you permission to send them more content.

With email marketing strategies, you can get in touch directly with potential customers, delivering content according to the stage of the sales funnel they are in.

This generates proximity, strengthening the relationship and gaining their trust, leading the potential customer through the purchase journey.

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