Mobile marketing what is it?

Mobile marketing , in a free translation means marketing for cell phones , the name is kind of self-explanatory.

This is the term used to define all marketing strategies aimed at cell phone users and other mobile devices such as tablets.

So, preparing your website for this type of navigation, that is, with a responsive design, is very important!

These strategies make use of the characteristics and functions of cell phones to improve the relationship with customers and leads (potential customers), in addition to increasing interaction with users and engagement with the brand.

But wait!

Before moving on to our content, it’s worth understanding the difference between mobile design and responsive design.

Responsive Design X Mobile Design

Now we know the concept of mobile marketing, so we can understand something that confuses a lot of business people nowadays, the difference between responsive design and mobile design.

Responsive design uses programming languages ​​to adapt your website’s layout to different screen sizes .

Layout is the plan used to arrange and organize the elements of a graphic project, in this case, content on the internet (blog, pages, websites, etc.).

With it there is no need for a new hosting.

In the case of mobile design things are a little different. To do this kind of design you need to plan two different versions of the same website .

That is, you will need to create two different layouts , one thinking about navigation through the computer and the other aimed at mobile .

This demands double attention from its programmer, who will need to work on two layouts for the same content.

Therefore, the responsive design is the most suitable, since a mobile design would require a greater investment.

Did you understand what mobile marketing means? Nice! So come with me and let’s understand what this strategy is used for.

Benefits of mobile marketing actions

As we saw earlier, the application of strategies involving mobile marketing has the main purpose of getting closer to the public, since the number of users of mobile devices only tends to grow.

Alright, that should have been clear to you. The question that remains is: what are the advantages of mobile marketing actions?

Firstly, we can highlight the fact that people are using more and more applications on their devices such as Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, among others .

Therefore, being actively present in these apps means greater visibility for your company and, as a consequence, increased customer acquisition. In addition, of course, to greater engagement.

Another point to be raised is the growing wave of purchases made through cell phones and other devices .

In this way, investing in mobile marketing actions includes your company in this significant share of sales.

You, as an entrepreneur, will not want to miss the opportunity to increase your profits!

One more advantage produced by the mobile marketing strategy is the segmentation of your ad according to the user’s location .

Due to the fact that most devices have GPS location, mobile marketing actions can be directed to people in your company’s region.

What’s the benefit of that? Imagine you have a restaurant, or a nightclub, it doesn’t make sense for you to invest in large-scale promotion.

That’s because a person generally won’t want to leave their city or state to visit a restaurant.

Applying mobile marketing strategies can attract consumers from your surroundings, significantly increasing the chances of conversion .

Finally, and not least, we can highlight the practicality in the interaction between users and companies.

The main advantage of cell phones is their efficiency and readiness, both for receiving information and for disclosing it .

This feature makes communication with your audience much faster, contributing mainly to engagement with the company.

Already on top of the benefits? Excellent! Then continue your reading! Discover the main mobile marketing actions and see which one fits best with your business.

Applied mobile marketing

The mobile marketing actions that can be used in your business are varied, everything will depend on your type of business and the objectives of your campaign.

Therefore, before thinking about using mobile actions, it is important to be clear about these two points.

Having defined this, you can think about which mobile marketing strategies best fit your company.

Therefore, below, we have selected the main actions applied by successful companies.

SMS Marketing

This action is characterized by sending short and therefore objective text messages to an already registered list of customers .

It is ideal for both converting leads and retaining active customers.

This way, with this action, you can send the main news, important events and even congratulate a client who has a birthday.

Responsive design application

At the beginning of our content we highlighted the difference between responsive and mobile design.

Applying responsive design to your company’s website facilitates the user experience, keeping them browsing your page longer .

In addition, the main search engines like Google prioritize the positioning of pages with a responsive design.

This means your website will have much more visibility, making it easier for potential buyers to find you.

This technique is directly related to search engine optimization, better known as SEO.

Marketing via Bluetooth

Bluetooth marketing , or proximity marketing, is a technique characterized by the use of Bluetooth technology for sharing multimedia files such as product lists, shopping catalogs, including corporate videos .

Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology, allowing the exchange of data between computers, smartphones, tablets and the like.

In addition, it makes it possible to connect to mice, keyboards, headphones, printers, speakers and other accessories using radio waves.

That is, Bluetooth is a kind of USB cable over radio waves.

Despite having a limited range, as users need to have the function turned on for the action to be effective, its cost is zero.

In this way, it is an ideal action to send very large files, which would force users to go online and download them.

However, this is a one-off strategy with several limitations.

Therefore, integrating other mobile marketing actions to this technique is very advantageous for your business.

QR code Marketing

The QR code is a kind of 2D barcode that can be read through the camera of a mobile device, redirecting the user to a specific location.

This mobile marketing strategy is excellent for extending the reach and visibility of the website, blog or fanpage in a completely safe way for the user .

You can insert the QR code in print advertisements helping to publicize events, important information and even on your website.

Another feature is the application of this code on the packaging of your company’s products in order to redirect you to explanatory content about the merchandise.

With this tool, you can make the experience of leads and consumers much more interesting and enriching, increasing your conversion and loyalty rates.

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