What is Branded Content?

When someone is faced with this still little-known term, the first question asked is: what is Branded Content?

Therefore, the first point to be clarified to understand everything else more clearly is the concept of this strategy.

This means carrying out the production of any content aimed at her image.

In Branded Content, the content needs a lot of quality to be able to reach the target audience and keep them interested in what is being passed.

This changes the way a brand is promoted.

After all, instead of being remembered for its ads, the company will be known for generating relevant content and bringing entertainment, fun and knowledge to the public, making clear the authorship of the ideas.

Characteristics of a Branded Strategy

Do you still have questions about what Branded Content is? So let’s explain now what are the characteristics of the strategy.

After understanding its concept, it is necessary to identify the characteristics that make it different from others and, lately, much chosen by large companies such as Nestle, for example.

We will even talk more about this successful case later on. Stay tuned!

But as previously mentioned, in this technique it is necessary to generate interesting and quality content to gain the identification and attention of the public.

But, in addition, when understanding Branded, it is also possible to notice a much more flexible and “light” disclosure in relation to the others, as it involves several areas such as: information, entertainment and advertising.

The Branded method can be conveyed through different traditional channels, such as magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, and also online channels, such as social networks, apps and so on.

Especially on the internet, there are several possibilities when producing content for this purpose.

However, a specific feature must be remembered by anyone who wants to understand in depth what Branded Content is: the focus of this technique is on engaging, making the brand recognized not only for its products or services, but also for the values ​​and causes it defends. .

But how is it possible to influence the audience with branded content?

It is always necessary to carry out research, be creative, but also rely on the techniques.

Remember: in Branded Content, successful examples are necessary to impact the target audience. And this can be done by working with people’s emotions.

For example:

Some companies like Dove work on campaigns with the aim of exalting the natural beauty of women, this not only affects the self-esteem of each one, but also creates a bond of greater affinity with the brand.

How to Branded?

There is no magic recipe to make branded content happen, but some points currently worked on by companies that invest in it can make all the difference.

Among them, check out some tips:

  • Care after dropping content is crucial. You have to understand what’s going on with that material and make it stay active for the public;
  • Surprise! That word can make all the difference and generate a lot of leads, for this reason, many brands have preferred to work with the entertainment side, which can attract even more attention;
  • It is essential to create relevant content, because on social networks, for example, it will be shared. But if that doesn’t happen, it will be forgotten and all the work will go down the drain;
  • Know your audience very well and create valuable content in order to open a dialogue with them;
  • As in the example of Dove, touching the public’s emotions can be done in several ways and is the basis of this type of Marketing.

That is, there are several details that make your Branded Content campaign rich and engaging.

But wait! What about Content Marketing, how is it different from branded content?

The difference between branded content and Content Marketing

Have you read this far to understand what Branded Content is and still find the strategies the same?

It’s common to find them similar or imagine some relationship between them, but actually this similarity is limited!

Content marketing is aimed at companies marketing products or services through rich materials, with the aim of attracting and involving the reader, generating the possibility of him becoming a customer, as this type of work induces him to do so.

In summary, content marketing directly influences the target audience to take action in order to generate profit or other benefit to the company.

Branded content also has this intention, after all, if it were different, no institution would invest in it.

However, in the second case, the sale happens spontaneously, through identification with the brand.

Content Marketing entertains, informs and educates by doing. Not that Branded Content doesn’t do that, but in his case, branded content has the function of making it memorable for the target audience.

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