Tips for freelancers: 8 best practices to succeed in this career

Working for yourself, making your own hours, setting your own salary, having more creative control. These are just some of the reasons why many people choose to become a freelancer.

In fact, some by choice and others by necessity, in view of the country’s current economic situation reflected in the high unemployment rate – more than 12 million people.

If you intend to enter this type of work or if you already work with freelancers and want to improve your performance, then you have clicked on the right article.

We created this article with 8 valuable tips for freelancing. Continue reading and find out which best practices to follow to achieve better results on this journey.

8 tips for freelancing

1. Plan yourself financially

Starting our list of freelancing tips, we have financial planning. Generally, those who work as freelancers do not have a fixed salary. Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to plan financially so as not to experience difficulties in the months when demands are lower. Put all your expenses on paper and be sure to save money whenever possible for possible emergencies.

2. Know how to price your time

Time is money. So how much does your hourly work cost? Bearing this in mind will be essential when you budget for your clients. To arrive at a figure, do some market research and find out how much other freelancers usually charge to provide a service similar to yours. Also put your differentials on the scale (courses, experience, etc.) and also think about how much your potential customers would be willing to pay. can have good income.

3. Pay attention to the payment of taxes

Anyone who works as a freelancer has the possibility to formalize. For this, he can become an Individual Micro entrepreneur (MEI) and start enjoying the pains and delights of formalization.“Pains” because you will start contributing some taxes to the government and will have to declare your income every year to the Federal Revenue , depending on your income.“Delicacies” because, among the taxes paid, there is a percentage destined to the National Institute of Social Security (INSS); which is good, since you won’t have your work permit signed, but you will have access to the rights of a common worker, such as retirement, maternity leave, sick pay, etc.

4. Organize your work environment

So that you can perform well as a freelancer, it is important that you have an organized work environment, whether in a home office or in coworking spaces . House. Separate a room or space to be your office. Buy furniture and materials suitable for the exercise of your function. Save work-related documents in specific folders, organized by date or by client.

5. Set daily goals

Try to set daily goals for your work. Remember, the more you manage to deliver, the more money you can receive at the end of the month. Avoid leaving to do on Sunday what you should have done during the week, as this puts the final quality of the delivery at risk.

6. Establish a work routine

A well-defined work routine can positively impact your productivity. As a freelancer, you still have the advantage of being able to manage your own time and make your own schedules. Establish a start time and an end time for your daily workday. And don’t forget the breaks during the day for lunch, snacks and that little cup of coffee.

7. Invest in Personal Marketing

Those who work as a freelancer need to know how to sell their fish. Therefore, invest in Personal Marketing to be able to promote your work. Be present on social networks, make posts and sponsored links, create a website with an updated portfolio, make business cards and distribute them whenever appropriate, participate in events related to your area of ​​expertise and network. All this will help in creating and strengthening your brand.

8. Foster a good relationship with your customers

Ending our freelancing tips, we have the Relationship, which is one of the pillars for a successful business. In this sense, it is essential that you know how to relate to your customer base. Try to understand their needs in order to offer the best solutions. Make them feel special. Try to establish a relationship of trust and have customer satisfaction as one of your main goals. This way, not only will he hire you again for future projects, but he will also recommend your services to other people. What do you think of our 8 tips for freelancers ? Put them into practice and get excellent performance in your work.

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