5 Apps and Websites to Make Money Watching Videos

If you already work on the internet, either as a digital entrepreneur or as an affiliate, you can take advantage of your time online to watch videos and earn extra money on the internet.

Discover now 5 apps and websites to make money watching videos.

1. Inboxdollars

This is a site that pays the user to earn money by watching videos.

At Inboxdollars you get money to watch TV and also to answer surveys and play games.

On this site you earn money by completing simple tasks. Right away you get 5 dollars, just for registering, using your email.

From there you get paid to watch videos, play games and answer surveys.

This site partners with giant companies in the market, such as Netflix and Walmart. With these names alone, you can see that it is a serious site that really pays the user for the tasks performed.

You can also receive exclusive discount coupons and offers from these partners.

To request the payment received by the site you need to add at least 15 dollars to your account.

And you can receive and your payment through PayPal, in gift cards to buy in partner stores, like Amazon or receive in the form of a prepaid VISA card.

With Inboxdollars TV, you earn money by watching videos that are a few minutes long, and the more videos you watch, the more money you earn.

2. MyPoints

One app that pays its users to watch videos is MyPoints.

With MyPoints, you get rewards, whether you answer online surveys or play games, or watch videos, which is what interests us here.

In general, they are short videos of a few minutes, which you can watch during your lunch break at work, while on public transport, going to and from work, in your free time…

In this app you receive points to accumulate and then exchange for cash.

To earn MyPoints points by watching videos, you will need to follow a video playlist provided by the platform.

In the app, you can accumulate up to 500 points a day by watching videos from the given list.

Points accumulated in the application can even be exchanged for airline tickets, as the application has a partnership with United Airlines.

In this app you can also redeem your points and exchange them for gift cards that you can use in 70 partner stores.

If you prefer, you can exchange your points for cash or a prepaid Visa card.

3. Netflix

It may seem like a dream, but anyone who is a Netflix marathoner will love this tip.

Did you know that you can earn money watching videos on Netflix?

It may not be as easy as the other tips in this article, but it’s not impossible.

Netflix hires some people to work as editorial analysts, that is, these people are paid to watch series, movies and TV shows on the platform and categorize the content so that it appears in the correct list of categories.

Despite the advancement of technology, to perform tasks like this, it is necessary for a real person to watch the content and inform which category it falls into, so that the user can find what he is looking for more easily.

Netflix, as well as several other serious and renowned companies in the market, is always looking for continuous improvement, to always offer the best and most current for its customers.

So, be aware of the job openings posted by Netflix, if an editorial analyst vacancy comes up, you already know that you will be able to earn money watching the movies, series and TV shows on the platform that you already love to watch.

4. Viggle

This app rewards its users. for watching TV programs and for listening to music.

Here you earn points for watching TV shows and movies on streaming platforms and live TV, through an in-app check-in and saving your movies and TV shows in favorites.

In this application, the user earns points for every minute watched and for every minute of music listened to.

Featured content in the app earns up to 15 times more points than other videos and music.

And the user will be able to redeem the points received in cash, through PayPal or redeem them in the form of a prepaid debit card or gift certificates to be used in more than 200 stores.

5. Slicethepie

Slicethepie is a site where you can earn money by accumulating points for watching videos, listening to music and answering surveys.

The site remunerates users who watch ad videos, clips, movie trailers, and even TV shows.

In order to receive your payout, you need to accumulate at least $10 in your PayPal account.

Like the others, this site is an opportunity for you to earn extra money by watching short videos, without having to click on anything and without leaving your home.

Take advantage of your spare time to supplement your income with an easy and even fun activity.

6. Swagbucks

Through Swagbucks you earn money by watching videos and fulfilling certain tasks. This is one of the sites that pays older users and also offers discount and cashback coupons.

This is a reputed website and one that actually pays its users for completed tasks.

The app is available on Google Play.

7. Big Time

This is a game where you can also get rewards for the ads you view.

As it is a games App, you spend time playing and interacting with the content, getting tickets and participating in prize draws.

Like other platforms, there are some complaints about crashes or not receiving some tickets to participate in sweepstakes, or even some difficulty in redeeming values.

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